Friday, December 16, 2005

dinner parties

what's so great about a dinner party?
to quote a friend, "EVERYTHING!"

catching up on your friends lives
no agenda
food is healthier when prepared with love (and from scratch)
you linger at the table, and enjoy the food and the experience more
you can create a diverse guest list (6 is a good number) - do it lots and mix up all your friends!
it's slow and relaxing
making a meal becomes fun again (invite one or some or all to come early and help you prepare)
good conversation
awakens awareness of manners and etiquitte
fun culture

watch, next we'll all start corresponding through letter writing... (i don't think that would be a bad thing! when was the last time you got a real letter?)

let's slow the world down

take the dinner party challenge! all it takes is your favorite recipe or two, your best dishes on the table and a few phone calls. you can do it!

this week's menu:

cheese stuffed mushrooms (blue cheese is nice and mild in these, yet exotic)
french bread with oil and vinegar

main (all homemade except for the pasta which came from the little italian shop)
fun mini lasagna noodles
marinara sauce
garlic toast
ceasar salad

white grape and pear juice - looks good in my wine flutes

specialty coffees with whipped cream and flavor sprinkles

Last week's menu:
French onion soup for starters
Roast beef in the crock pot, roasted potatoes, gravy, vegetables in cheese sauce
Grandma's butterscotch drop recipe for dessert

Monday, December 12, 2005


I’ve learned that grief is not a straight line. It sort of cycles, and while it will never be as bad as that first week, things do get better then they get worse again. I think the spirals do eventually get fewer and far between. I’ve learned that the days preceding an anniversary are worse than the actual day. I will get restless (read cranky or irritable or miserable or sad or down) and then realize that, oh, it’s because next week is his birthday or our anniversary (would have been 10 this year – that was a yucky one) or whatever it happens to be, and then it gets a little better because I give myself the ok to wallow in it for a while, then I feel like God says ok, now let’s get on with it and He pulls me out. And then sunshine. Till the next time round.

I miss him in so many ways.