Friday, June 25, 2010

Here is the team!  A side finalists...  I guess last I wrote we weren't even sure the rain would allow us to play the last games - boy, did we ever.  We got to play our last season game and won that, and then won the first playoff game on Friday night, taking us to the A side.  That meant a 9:30 game Saturday, which we also won, taking us to the championship final.  We scored first, then they matched it, and we finished the regular time with a tie.  Then we went into two five minute halves, and no more scoring.  Then into the shootout.  We each had five players picked to shoot, and still tied - all misses.  Then we started going through the rest of the players, and they scored, and we failed to match it.  So sad, but what an exciting weekend.  Those kids were TIRED!  They played so hard and did so well. 

Here's our star.

  Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk around the park in the sun, then got soaked not two hours later just running from the door to my car.  This is the hail that fell after I got home.  It cleared up for a while, then another thunderstorm at night.  This spring's weather has been pretty crazy - I don't remember a spring this wet in a long time. 

This one is of a sight I saw all year long (except some mornings it had snow in the picture, too).  Madeline, at 8:30 am, off to the bus, giving me a wave and blowing me a kiss from across the street.  This was the last time for grade 5 - she's officially passed into grade six.  In happy band news, she was assigned the flute to play, not the tuba.  We thought that might be the case for a while, but I think the fact that we own a flute swung it in favor of the lighter instrument.  Jess, you can expect a call letting you know we'll need that back... 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Season Almost Over

It's supposed to rain later this week and there's a good chance that our last regular game and possibly our tournament will be a washout.  I hope not - I'm having fun with our team this year.  They're a fun bunch of kids and play great to boot.  (We won tonight's game 8-1.)

Sean and M missed the game tonight because M had her piano recital.  She got an award for her memorization ("lots of people got those") and said it went well.  I'm just enjoying the Rice Krispie cake I made for it (with M&M's in it... yum!)  We didn't even have to draw straws to see who would coach and who would go to the recital - apparently I'm the indispensable one since I do the subs!

And in other sports news...  Sean did awesome at the track on Sunday.  I was planning to go with him on Saturday, but because of the wet it got bumped back a day.  M was at Girl Guide camp and got back Sunday, plus I had to work, so no pit crew for me.  But apparently the car as he re-built it is F A S T.

M had her track meet today & did well, coming home with a handful of ribbons.  I think I probably wrote about this after last year's meet, but do you know how they win ribbons now?  If you make a certain time, you get a first ribbon, if you're in the next category, you get a 2nd ribbon and so on.  It does make sense, but something seems to be lacking still.  Not fully sure how I feel about that.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunny Sunday

A nice warm weekend - so nice to have the sun out.  I've got my lawn mowed and flowers potted and put out & had a good outdoor BBQ tonight at a friend's place with lots of families and lots of good visiting.  M was at Girl Guides camp and Sean was racing - a good weekend all around.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's not all golf.

I haven't posted in a week (except for that one a few minutes ago...)

Either a) my life is so boring there's nothing to share or b) so exciting I haven't had time to write.  Or neither...  Leave a comment with an option c.  I dare you.

In the last week, we have:
  • played soccer once (5-5 tie that would have been a 5-4 win if the ref knew that it should have been an indirect kick, not a direct kick), and got rained out once.
  • watched 2 movies - Sean and I saw Date Night and Carla and I saw Letters to Juliet.  I'd recommend both.
  • bought flowers for the yard - fun marigolds and wave petunias.  I'm hoping to grow them at least half as well as the ones Jess had at the Stewart St house.
  • Sean golfed 4 times (on the Sundays with me, on Thursday with the church guys, and on Saturday with a friend).  He also worked on the car, because he needs to get it together in time for Yorkton next Saturday.
  • cleaned out my studio.  partly.  enough to feel good about it.
  • M went to 3 birthday parties - one Saturday afternoon and two Saturday sleepovers.
  • attended Comedy Night.  The youth from our church who are going on the summer ministry trip put this on as a fundraiser and it is F U N N Y.  We even have our own Napoleon Dynamite.
  • drooled over the iPad.  How fun.  Who else wants one?

I wanted to go for a walk.

And so we did.  A long one.  Carrying heavy bags to make it more of a work out.  And playing golf to work out our emotions.  Frustration got a lot of work.  I'm glad it was only 9 holes - I was done by 5, I think.  I made par on hole one and that was my last good hole.  Last summer I golfed twice; this summer I've been out 3 times in the last 3 weeks.  I got some good pictures, though!
My favorite part of golf might be watching this hottie.  (Yes, this hole is uphill.  No, he didn't miss the ball - this was just a practice swing while he was waiting for our turn.)
This was an unexpected treat - it was mostly sunny with a few spits, but up on top of the valley we saw this great rainbow.  M is pretty game to come along for the walk & she keeps score for us.