Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Season Almost Over

It's supposed to rain later this week and there's a good chance that our last regular game and possibly our tournament will be a washout.  I hope not - I'm having fun with our team this year.  They're a fun bunch of kids and play great to boot.  (We won tonight's game 8-1.)

Sean and M missed the game tonight because M had her piano recital.  She got an award for her memorization ("lots of people got those") and said it went well.  I'm just enjoying the Rice Krispie cake I made for it (with M&M's in it... yum!)  We didn't even have to draw straws to see who would coach and who would go to the recital - apparently I'm the indispensable one since I do the subs!

And in other sports news...  Sean did awesome at the track on Sunday.  I was planning to go with him on Saturday, but because of the wet it got bumped back a day.  M was at Girl Guide camp and got back Sunday, plus I had to work, so no pit crew for me.  But apparently the car as he re-built it is F A S T.

M had her track meet today & did well, coming home with a handful of ribbons.  I think I probably wrote about this after last year's meet, but do you know how they win ribbons now?  If you make a certain time, you get a first ribbon, if you're in the next category, you get a 2nd ribbon and so on.  It does make sense, but something seems to be lacking still.  Not fully sure how I feel about that.

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Violet said...

The school that I was teaching at has 2 track meets. One is the old way and one is based on standards (as long as you meet the standard you get a ribbon). I like the standards meet better. Partly because it is easier to keep track of the kids (our meets are multiple schools) and partly because it gives all kids a chance to feel success. Though the standards for our school are not easily met by all students.