Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pages from the Retreat - Pt I

I finally took some shots of the pages I made at the retreat. There are still a bunch that I have to finish titles for; I'll show you those after I get around to that.

Not thrilled with this one.  I tried to use some of the 'goodies' we got at the retreat, but I should know that if I don't love them, I should leave them.  I didn't love those big letters, but stained them and thought they'd do.  Oh, well.

This is where Nolan decided he wanted to use the camera, too... and when it got put away.

And today I finished the rest while he was sleeping:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Get Out and Play!

Just a little proof that I am trying to get outside with the little man, even when it's still chilly!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


I've just returned from a weekend away at a scrapbooking retreat where I managed to get done most of what I'd hoped to - 3 double page layouts, 10 single pages, and a mini album of last Christmas.  I forgot my page protectors (doh! as well as my hair dryer and straightener... where was my head?) so I have the snapshot pages that I wanted to do in the pocket style page protectors still to finish, and some titles to do on my Cricut, but I am happy with what I got done and happy with the getaway, and happy that my family does so well without me.  They all said they missed me, but no one cried.  :) 

I'll share the layouts one of these days, but thought I'd just show a few recent pictures.  That first one is of my big boy who can reach the library return slot all on his own.  He's getting so tall.  This one is of Madeline's apron that she made in sewing at school.  Nolan wanted to try it on.  They are both awesome.

This one's from this morning.  We were out and got home just in time to see the recycling truck come - watching these trucks is one of Nolan's favourite things, and I am so glad it's warm enough now to stay outside for it!  Walking (jumping) in puddles is one of his other favourite things, so seeing our next door neighbour's massive driveway puddle made him one happy boy.

Oh, and this morning?  I went for a haircut and left Nolan with a friend who has a little guy N's age.  They are in our small group, so Nolan is familiar with them, and we've been to their house to play once, but he wasn't too thrilled with the idea of being left there.  He clung a little bit, but when I explained again that there was no where to play where I got my hair cut, so he could play at his friend's house instead and I'd come back as soon as I was done, he went to my friend without a fuss and was fine the whole time.  So pleased that he is getting more comfortable in more places.  Next project: the 2 year old Sunday School class...

PS The next scrapbook retreat is October 24-26 if anyone wants to join me!!