Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sean's birthday was on Sunday; he's caught up and is now 36 like me.  He's been wanting a new set of golf clubs for a while, so we were shopping for that on Saturday before our fancy birthday dinner out (while M was at a birthday party sleepover - that's a whole 'nother post!).  We didn't find the ones he wanted for the price he wanted, and he decided that he'd wait on that, since there was some car stuff that he was considering for around the same price.

I think it was that same day that I said (while flipping through some home style magazine (that I got out of the library!)), "We should get two nice leather couches for there and there, and a big area rug and coffee table for in here."  This is not a completely random thing; we have been talking about what we want to do in the house for a while (new kitchen was topping the list, and therefore nothing was getting done), but at the same time, this was not said as a definate plan.  I was just, you know, tossing it out there.

But Sunday, we went shopping.  We looked around at a few places, saw some nice stuff and some not bad prices, and decided to leave it for a while.  Monday morning, I got a text saying he was going to pick up those two couches on his lunch hour.  And the coffee table is ordered and will arrive next week.  The car will get minimal funding this year, I will not get golf clubs for Christmas, and the house will get some work!

Monday evening was spent moving two new couches in, the couch, love seat and chair from downstairs out to the Salvation Army, and oops, not moving the couch and love seat from the living room downstairs because they didn't fit.  Oh, well, guess we'll have to get a new couch for down there, too.  A cheap one.  (Sean is allergic to the cat hair that is still on both sets of furniture, so we've wanted to do this for a while anyway.)

Right now the living room has 3 couches and a love seat in it, and a piano in the corner on the wall that borders the kitchen.  Yes it is a little too big for that spot, but not too too big.  It should work.  And it may or may not be broken from us moving it 5 feet.  Correction - something broke, but whether it was a crucial-to-the-music part has yet to be seen.

Then tonight.  Tonight we went shopping again.  For a TV to go on the wall.  Yes, it's big and flat and will sound fantastic.  If you want to know more, talk to him.

And over the next couple of months we will pick out the right area rug and curtains and chairs for east wall under the TV and new lights for over the table and new accessories for it all.  Should be fun.  I'll share pics as it all comes together.

Scrapbooking Retreat

I've been scrapbooking, and I think there are a couple of completed ones to share with you (maybe tomorrow when I can get at the other computer), but I'm trying to leave some half done, too. Why? Because in one month I will be off to a scrapbooking retreat, and a whole weekend of scrapbooking may strain my creativity just a bit, so I want to have some stuff I know I can work on / finish to take with me. Who knows. I may get impatient and finish them before then. I've got to get out pictures and sketches and put together some little kits for myself... I'm quite looking forward to it. (Maybe I'm looking too much forward to the bag of M&M's I'm planning on taking.)

*BUT* This retreat is in danger of being cancelled, due to a group of women that have had to back out. So if you want to come and scrapbook with me and Carla and Holly (and maybe Elizabeth and Brandie and Pam - we were working on them today!) then come join us! It'll be more fun with you... It's put on by Photoworks by Laura, it's in Swift Current and $185 gets you two nights accommodations in the hotel, a bunch of meals (which I've heard are really good) and a whole weekend of scrapbooking - Friday to Sunday, October 23-25.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Choose the Title for This One

I have a story for you from my morning.

I have planned to make an appointment to give blood for a while now, but it never seemed to get crossed off my to do list. My friend, Lori, last week commented that she was going to donate, so I told her I was inspired and would go home and make my own appointment. And I did (but maybe it was the next day that I called). And I proudly reported back to her that I did it and I'm going! So this morning I made sure to have breakfast (a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, like every other morning of my life) and to have lots of water so I'd be good and hydrated, and I headed down for my 9:35 AM appointment.

The lady at the first desk got me in her computer and gave me a reminder card for when I could go back and the other paperwork I needed, and sent me on to the next desk. The second lady I talked to checked me out on her computer and had to prick my finger to check something. She drew a mini vial of blood from my finger tip and released it into a large vial of blue liquid, explaining that your blood should sink...

Mine floated.

"Hmmm," she said. This was a test for iron, because you have to have a certain amount in your blood in order to donate. "We'll have to do another test." So she pulled out another contraption, tested some of my blood on there and came up with a number. 12.5. "You're okay to give," she said, "12.4 is too low, but 12.5 is ok."

So I was sent on to the third station with a long form of questions about medications and diseases. (I have very mild asthma. Otherwise, I'm healthy, incase you were wondering. Although apparently a little anemic today.)

Then I sat on the chairs facing the pink doors until another lady (younger, with the start of dreads) took me into an enclosed room to ask me the "serious" questions about HIV and other bad things. Before she got to the questions, though, she double checked all my info, took my blood pressure (it was good) and my pulse (it was also good) and my temperature.

Not so good.

My temperature was 37.5 C. The upper range of 'normal' is 37.4 C. She went and double checked with someone, but no, they had to defer me for a day because I was such a hottie. So I can go back tomorrow, or she recommended waiting a week, to see if maybe I'm at the start of a cold or something...

I tried. And got thwarted. Can I challenge you to call today and make an appointment to give blood? On my behalf, maybe, since they won't take mine? Or because you're inspired by my too long story to go out and help? Leave me a message saying that you made an appointment. Or even just one saying what title you liked best.

Here's what I came up with:

adventures giving blood
a difference of degrees
snuck by on the iron, foiled by the temp
too hot for cbs
no bloody way!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have an ongoing love hate relationship with TaeBo.

What do you do to get exercise and stay fit?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Sean likes poker.

Every once in a while he'll play at a friend's house, and the other night we had people here to play. There's rarely money involved; maybe a $10 buy in. He plays often online, though (again, just play money), and when he was invited to a poker tournament fundraiser for a friend's sports group, he said sure.

That was tonight. There were 47 people; 6 tables. At the end of the night, the one left, the one to bring home the winnings, was the one coming home to me.

Way to go, Sweetheart!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bus Blues part ???

This morning the bus didn't come.

I was mostly ready for work, so after going to check if the kids were still there, since I hadn't seen the bus, and finding they were, I brushed my teeth, threw my work bag together and drove them to school.

When she got home, she had a new schedule. That they handed out yesterday. And which started today.

No problem except that M wasn't on the bus yesterday afternoon because she had piano. And Kaine wasn't on the bus yesterday afternoon because he was sick. So the bus drove by to pick them up just around the corner, at their new pick up spot, just far enough away that they couldn't see it. And they waited for their bus, at their spot, on time, and never got picked up.

I'm shaking my head. This new driver remembers their stops. This new schedule has been bang on the minute. The new stop now? I like that I can see it out my window. Could there be any other changes?? Seriously?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reviving Ophelia... thoughts before the Adopt A Youth launch

I've just started reading Reviving Ophelia by Dr. Mary Pipher, and it's making me realize how important this Adopt A Youth program we're launching next week is. She quotes the African proverb that states "It takes a village to raise a child." Do you see the Godly truth in that? I know I want my daughter surrounded by adults other than myself who are also teaching her that it's ok to be herself, and not to conform to peer pressure. I see many adults, myself included, who don't take the initiative to take children, adolescents, teens under our wings. We are concerned, sure, but what do we do about it? I hope that we can present this program as something that will capture the imagination of the adults; one that gives them the opportunity to do something where they've felt unsure about what their part could be. I hope that it inspires our church to live as the church, concerned for one another. I know that does happen in lots of ways already; I hope this is the catalyst for many more good relationships and for the strengthening of many of our adolescents.

Friday, September 11, 2009


We got a letter in the mail this week from Ghana - another letter from Salomey. It was a thank you for her birthday gift - she had requested that the money be spent on a backpack, sandals and underwear. Madeline looked at me with disbelief on her face - a girl exactly her age wanting UNDERWEAR for her birthday?

We had a good talk about the differences in how people live. I hope this relationship continues to shape how she understands the world. She lives a very privileged life, and I want her to understand that and translate it into "what can I do to help?"

As a side note, I am thrilled with how many letters we are getting from her - they are all written by a social worker, "Salomey says..." but we've had 4 just this summer. The ones from Mexico come twice or three times a year, so we were not expecting this at all.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

She said...

She said, "Shall I put the kettle on?" because we were going to have tea after supper.
She said, "I'll make yours just the way you like it!" after we picked our flavors. White tea for me, Vanilla Nut Creme tea for her.
I said, "How do I like it?"
She said, "You like it weak - I put in the tea bag, pour in the water, and then take it out. And then a spoonful of sugar."

I didn't even know I had her so well trained!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Kallie, fish, tea and golf.

Kallie - our summer youth intern and my good friend is off to Bolivia for the second half of her internship. Her blog is kalliedebolivia@blogspot.com if you are interested in following along.

Fish - You'll notice some new fish on the side ---> Move your mouse over there and they'll follow it. And if you click the mouse on there, it will give them food. Just some random fun.

Tea - I finished Three Cups of Tea last week (because it was a one week loan from the library - they give one week no renewal loans for the 'new hot' books). It was a good true story of one man's life building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan - I love hearing from someone who knows what it's really like in a place describe life there. Inspiring, too. I'd recommend it.

Golf - Sean and I went golfing this morning. I like not keeping score. At some points I'd be thrilled with this new sport and want to go out and buy clubs of my own and make this a regular thing, and then the next swing I'd be very unimpressed and sure I would not take this up after all. Is this common? Do you golf? Do you recommend I take it up or leave it alone for the sake of my sanity??

Monday, September 07, 2009

Highlight of the day

Today had its moments. I went for a run this morning - the first half had more running than walking, and the second half, more walking than running. It was nice to be out - it was still a little wet from the rain last night and cool, but perfect running weather, I think. If I ever do it again, I'll have something to compare it to.

We went to a car show and looked at cars. I like the minty old ones.

We shopped and bought me two sweaters, some pants and a skirt... fall work clothes. Although I bet the skirt never gets worn outside Sundays. Smart Set just did renos and now have the coolest changerooms. They have spots in the wall for - and shaped like! - your coffee, purse, mp3 and sunglasses. Pretty sweet.

The highlight was going for a bike ride all together after supper down a bike path we've never ridden before, along a creek, with the sky ablaze in sunset colors. Very richly satisfying.

What was the highlight of your day?

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Weekend - or - a long ramble about not much.

We had planned to go camping this weekend, but Sean got sick this week so we (happily on my part, I must confess) canned those plans. We were going to have to come in a couple of times anyway...

Friday night we had a fire in the back yard and made smores. It was the first time we've had a fire this summer. Pathetic! Glad the warm weather is finally here now.

Saturday M started swimming lessons. She's at the Lawson pool, which also has a fieldhouse and weightroom, so our big plan is to get a pass and work out while she's swimming. Of course we didn't this week because Sean was sick, and we will both miss a couple of Saturdays for other things, but here's hoping we get some good workouts in.

Then we headed out to Sheldon and Lynsey's place for a housewarming at the acreage. Good times - we got to see family and meet her parents and grandparents. The kids had lots of fun playing ball and soccer (boys), UNO and water fights (girls) and quad-ing.

Oh, and I got my hair done on Thursday, and it's pretty much the same color as Lynsey's - she got hers done on Wednesday. Yep. Unplanned, and it's not the first time we've looked similar. Her's is still short, though, and I've been letting mine grow. I should post pics now, right? Soon... (It's just a straight dark brown, no streaks or anything this time, and looks a bit red in the sun.)

Church was good this morning - the newsletter I've been working on for a while now went out today. Now it's on to the next projects... our big fall church kickoff is out at the camp Sunday afternoon, so that's what I'll be doing this week. Also meeting with our tech guy to learn how to manipulate our website. Fun. I'm looking forward to messing around on there.

And this afternoon we went and shopped around a bit - I picked up a new album for me at Michaels (a 12x12 ring binder) and we got M an album, too, both American Crafts brown linen (her's is post-bound). She made a couple of pages with us a couple of weeks ago, but she made 12x12 and the album she has is 8.5x11. So I got her a big one, but picked up a decent price kit - 50% off coupon of course - I try to never pay full price there! Now she's got some stuff to work with and we went through photos on the computer picking out some to print off for both of us. It'll be nice to do that together once in a while.

I did feel like we were somewhat productive this weekend. I re-screened M's window (it's not in yet, though) and worked on the stairs. When we got the floors refinished, he didn't do the backs of the stairs. So I'm sanding them up and we'll cover a few holes and paint. We've put it off way too long, but it's going pretty quickly.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"Life in the Pits" and others

Just one I came up with because I had the pictures around from last Christmas and I had nothing current I wanted to work with... I like the colors of all three of these pages.

This one you might recognize the photos from - my friend Dori did a shoot this spring as part of her portfolio for school. She sent this hard copy recently, so I thought I'd do it up and throw it in the book. I'm not sure if it looks unfinished to me or just simple... The girls liked it, so I just left it.
And this is my favorite of the three. I've taken lots of pictures while we're out racing, but this is a bit of a compilation of the behind the scenes shots. This is what racing is really like for me - not so much about the car...