Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scrapbooking Retreat

I've been scrapbooking, and I think there are a couple of completed ones to share with you (maybe tomorrow when I can get at the other computer), but I'm trying to leave some half done, too. Why? Because in one month I will be off to a scrapbooking retreat, and a whole weekend of scrapbooking may strain my creativity just a bit, so I want to have some stuff I know I can work on / finish to take with me. Who knows. I may get impatient and finish them before then. I've got to get out pictures and sketches and put together some little kits for myself... I'm quite looking forward to it. (Maybe I'm looking too much forward to the bag of M&M's I'm planning on taking.)

*BUT* This retreat is in danger of being cancelled, due to a group of women that have had to back out. So if you want to come and scrapbook with me and Carla and Holly (and maybe Elizabeth and Brandie and Pam - we were working on them today!) then come join us! It'll be more fun with you... It's put on by Photoworks by Laura, it's in Swift Current and $185 gets you two nights accommodations in the hotel, a bunch of meals (which I've heard are really good) and a whole weekend of scrapbooking - Friday to Sunday, October 23-25.

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