Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Kallie, fish, tea and golf.

Kallie - our summer youth intern and my good friend is off to Bolivia for the second half of her internship. Her blog is kalliedebolivia@blogspot.com if you are interested in following along.

Fish - You'll notice some new fish on the side ---> Move your mouse over there and they'll follow it. And if you click the mouse on there, it will give them food. Just some random fun.

Tea - I finished Three Cups of Tea last week (because it was a one week loan from the library - they give one week no renewal loans for the 'new hot' books). It was a good true story of one man's life building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan - I love hearing from someone who knows what it's really like in a place describe life there. Inspiring, too. I'd recommend it.

Golf - Sean and I went golfing this morning. I like not keeping score. At some points I'd be thrilled with this new sport and want to go out and buy clubs of my own and make this a regular thing, and then the next swing I'd be very unimpressed and sure I would not take this up after all. Is this common? Do you golf? Do you recommend I take it up or leave it alone for the sake of my sanity??

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Michelle McGee said...

LOVED Three Cups of Tea!