Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Choose the Title for This One

I have a story for you from my morning.

I have planned to make an appointment to give blood for a while now, but it never seemed to get crossed off my to do list. My friend, Lori, last week commented that she was going to donate, so I told her I was inspired and would go home and make my own appointment. And I did (but maybe it was the next day that I called). And I proudly reported back to her that I did it and I'm going! So this morning I made sure to have breakfast (a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, like every other morning of my life) and to have lots of water so I'd be good and hydrated, and I headed down for my 9:35 AM appointment.

The lady at the first desk got me in her computer and gave me a reminder card for when I could go back and the other paperwork I needed, and sent me on to the next desk. The second lady I talked to checked me out on her computer and had to prick my finger to check something. She drew a mini vial of blood from my finger tip and released it into a large vial of blue liquid, explaining that your blood should sink...

Mine floated.

"Hmmm," she said. This was a test for iron, because you have to have a certain amount in your blood in order to donate. "We'll have to do another test." So she pulled out another contraption, tested some of my blood on there and came up with a number. 12.5. "You're okay to give," she said, "12.4 is too low, but 12.5 is ok."

So I was sent on to the third station with a long form of questions about medications and diseases. (I have very mild asthma. Otherwise, I'm healthy, incase you were wondering. Although apparently a little anemic today.)

Then I sat on the chairs facing the pink doors until another lady (younger, with the start of dreads) took me into an enclosed room to ask me the "serious" questions about HIV and other bad things. Before she got to the questions, though, she double checked all my info, took my blood pressure (it was good) and my pulse (it was also good) and my temperature.

Not so good.

My temperature was 37.5 C. The upper range of 'normal' is 37.4 C. She went and double checked with someone, but no, they had to defer me for a day because I was such a hottie. So I can go back tomorrow, or she recommended waiting a week, to see if maybe I'm at the start of a cold or something...

I tried. And got thwarted. Can I challenge you to call today and make an appointment to give blood? On my behalf, maybe, since they won't take mine? Or because you're inspired by my too long story to go out and help? Leave me a message saying that you made an appointment. Or even just one saying what title you liked best.

Here's what I came up with:

adventures giving blood
a difference of degrees
snuck by on the iron, foiled by the temp
too hot for cbs
no bloody way!


Anonymous said...


Last time I gave blood I passed out right after.

The time before that (my first time) they couldn't finish taking all the blood (filling the container) because I went all white and scary.

After giving blood the second time, my iron levels dropped to very very low levels and took a very long time to come back up.

It seems I need my blood, and don't have as much in excess as one might expect.

My husband won't let me give blood anymore. (And my doctor strongly suggested I not try again for a very long while.)


Karen said...

They don't like my blood... I've been turned down.

BTW, all your title are good but the No Bloody Way make me laugh!!

MOM said...

I like 'a difference of degrees'

I gave blood regularly from age 18 to about 27 or 28. I went in as usual one day and the nurse checked my blood and said "How can you be still walking around! Your iron level is SO low!" She as amazed that I hadn't any symptoms but with two little kids at the time, I guess that was just what felt natural. I went to my doctor and it took a very long time to get it to the bottom of the acceptable iron level and he strongly suggested that I not donate blood any more. The same thing happened a few more times but my blood has been good for many years now. But still no donating :(

Jessica said...

I have always meant to go give blood, but I never have. Boo me.

Christine said...

"Blood, it's not in you to give"