Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Weekend - or - a long ramble about not much.

We had planned to go camping this weekend, but Sean got sick this week so we (happily on my part, I must confess) canned those plans. We were going to have to come in a couple of times anyway...

Friday night we had a fire in the back yard and made smores. It was the first time we've had a fire this summer. Pathetic! Glad the warm weather is finally here now.

Saturday M started swimming lessons. She's at the Lawson pool, which also has a fieldhouse and weightroom, so our big plan is to get a pass and work out while she's swimming. Of course we didn't this week because Sean was sick, and we will both miss a couple of Saturdays for other things, but here's hoping we get some good workouts in.

Then we headed out to Sheldon and Lynsey's place for a housewarming at the acreage. Good times - we got to see family and meet her parents and grandparents. The kids had lots of fun playing ball and soccer (boys), UNO and water fights (girls) and quad-ing.

Oh, and I got my hair done on Thursday, and it's pretty much the same color as Lynsey's - she got hers done on Wednesday. Yep. Unplanned, and it's not the first time we've looked similar. Her's is still short, though, and I've been letting mine grow. I should post pics now, right? Soon... (It's just a straight dark brown, no streaks or anything this time, and looks a bit red in the sun.)

Church was good this morning - the newsletter I've been working on for a while now went out today. Now it's on to the next projects... our big fall church kickoff is out at the camp Sunday afternoon, so that's what I'll be doing this week. Also meeting with our tech guy to learn how to manipulate our website. Fun. I'm looking forward to messing around on there.

And this afternoon we went and shopped around a bit - I picked up a new album for me at Michaels (a 12x12 ring binder) and we got M an album, too, both American Crafts brown linen (her's is post-bound). She made a couple of pages with us a couple of weeks ago, but she made 12x12 and the album she has is 8.5x11. So I got her a big one, but picked up a decent price kit - 50% off coupon of course - I try to never pay full price there! Now she's got some stuff to work with and we went through photos on the computer picking out some to print off for both of us. It'll be nice to do that together once in a while.

I did feel like we were somewhat productive this weekend. I re-screened M's window (it's not in yet, though) and worked on the stairs. When we got the floors refinished, he didn't do the backs of the stairs. So I'm sanding them up and we'll cover a few holes and paint. We've put it off way too long, but it's going pretty quickly.

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MOM said...

wow - sound very productive and fun, too - except for Sean being sick of course. Hope he is getting better