Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Day, M!

Yesterday we celebrated Madeline turning 14:

  • Miles of bunting hung around the house
  • A walk with the stroller down by the creek
  • A bit of accessory shopping
  • Ice cream at Sargent Sundae and a walk in the park
  • A swim / sitting in the shade
  • Olive Garden for supper
  • Hanging out with cousins
She enjoyed a good day and loved being here in Winnipg for it. Today is the party, shared with Solomon whose birthday is on Friday. More cousins, food, and good times to come.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

For Your Browsing Pleasure...

The kids and I had a fun morning out yesterday with our good friend Holly (or Honey, as Nolan says it!) - Monday and Tuesday I was out for playdates with friends with little ones and M stayed home, so it was nice to have her as part of our out-playing time.

The library downtown had two pianos inside in their art gallery, one like this one outside, and one that was tiny and Nolan sized... the echo and reverb and lighting in the gallery made it a great place to hang out and play and be noisy.  :)  This one outside was better for photos, though.

We are having a nice summer week, nothing too newsworthy or crafty or inspirational going on, so here instead are a few links for your browsing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Did you know there are softie-makers out there who custom make toys based on children's drawings?  They are awesome!

A whole bunch of ways to clean with vinegar.  Cheap and non-toxic...

Some good parenting advice and refreshing reminders from a long time pediatrician.

Good (and funny) marriage advice from a guy who's been divorced twice.  Worth a read.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Creating Stuff

At the end of June we had our book club wind up. As a break from routine we met at a coffee shop rather than in someone's home, because one of our group (Kathryn Gorectke) had paintings hanging there. If you're in the Regina area, you should check out Atlantis downtown; I believe her work will be up until the end of July.

Once in a while I get the urge to make stuff... I saw something like this on Pinterest a while back (via splitcoaststampers) and thought it would be awesome to take these to our wind up for the girls.  I picked up a handful of paint chips while we were out one day, stamped them the next, and then sewed a bunch of ribbons and baker's twine on the top.  Not too hard, and fun to play around with.

Mama's little helper.

And this week, I made a camera strap cover for my friend Lori's birthday.  It turned out great... the second version that is!  I've already picked up supplies to make more, so watch for those to be posted and added to the shop one of these days.

Happy Birthday, Lori!! and thanks for this pic...
Happy creating stuff!  And have a great weekend...

Thursday, July 11, 2013


There is a couple in our church, Dave and Bethann, who just learned Tuesday that their baby died.  Bethann was 34 weeks pregnant, and this was their first child.  Bethann is being induced today and they have asked for prayers for strength as they get to meet their little boy Eli for the first time. They have asked that we notify people and ask for prayers, especially for today.  Dave and Bethann are showing quite a lot of strength at this time and have been welcoming people into their lives during this stage of mourning...

This is a hard, hard thing to go through, as I and many of you know from personal experience.  Your prayers will make a difference.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


A few weeks ago Nolan and I went on a playdate to Candy Cane Park with a few friends - it was also a Kinderbuzz event, and our friend Heidi Neufeld was taking mini portrait sessions for everyone there.  I wanted to share the ones she sent me and let you know that if you are looking for a photographer in Regina, she's got skills!

If you are still wanting more pictures, we went to family camp at KLC on the long weekend and I posted a bunch of shots here.  It is a little Nolan heavy, since he's always close by and M was off living on the water...

Monday, July 08, 2013

Miss M Says Farewell to Grade Eight In Style

The fam.

Those trees again...

She soars...

The shoes.  Gotta be unique.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Catch Up - June Photos!

It's been two weeks - I've missed you all! It's been a full couple of weeks with Grandma's funeral and family time, Madeline finishing the school year and soccer, a weekend out at the lake, oh, and having two kids at home. Funny how that fills the day up more! Welcome, Summer!

I snagged a good nap this afternoon, and got Nolan down to bed early, so I've managed to dig up some motivation to sit here at the computer - I'll try to catch you up on some great shots I got this month.  I'm glad my kids don't tire of my camera...!

M left today on a Ministry Trip with her church youth group, so don't be surprised if I get a post up every day this week!

Love how the bit he's holding is a heart...

The PARK!!!

I've taken so many pictures in these trees over the years...


An awesome morning in the wet outdoors.


Love the perfect round ripple in this one.
Next up - Beautiful Madeline in her Grade 8 Farewell dress!