Sunday, July 07, 2013

Catch Up - June Photos!

It's been two weeks - I've missed you all! It's been a full couple of weeks with Grandma's funeral and family time, Madeline finishing the school year and soccer, a weekend out at the lake, oh, and having two kids at home. Funny how that fills the day up more! Welcome, Summer!

I snagged a good nap this afternoon, and got Nolan down to bed early, so I've managed to dig up some motivation to sit here at the computer - I'll try to catch you up on some great shots I got this month.  I'm glad my kids don't tire of my camera...!

M left today on a Ministry Trip with her church youth group, so don't be surprised if I get a post up every day this week!

Love how the bit he's holding is a heart...

The PARK!!!

I've taken so many pictures in these trees over the years...


An awesome morning in the wet outdoors.


Love the perfect round ripple in this one.
Next up - Beautiful Madeline in her Grade 8 Farewell dress!


deb ash said...

What a darling!

I love the one with dirt in his mouth lol.

Where are the trees?

Carolyn Ward said...

Deb - the trees are just down our street at the park. (The one off Lewvan between 1st & 4th.) If you get the angles right you can miss the cars on the street and the building at the end and make it look fancier than it is in person... It's my favorite nature spot in our neighborhood.