Monday, June 24, 2013

A Shared Name and an Ending.

On this date in 1961, Carolyn Atkinson said "I do" to her sweetheart Doug and became Carolyn McCall.

In 1994 the youngest of their four children brought home a girl to meet his parents - Carolyn, meet Carolyn... and a year later that Carolyn took on the same name and became another Carolyn McCall.

A sad turn of events saw that boy gone too soon, and a few years later Carolyn McCall (the second) became Carolyn Ward, after a decade of sharing a wonderful lady's name.

And yesterday.  Yesterday, we said good bye to that Carolyn McCall for the last time.  A few hours short of reaching their 52nd wedding anniversary (although as Carla said, it was already past midnight in Ontario, where they got married).

Goodbye to the name and good bye to a wonderful lady.  We look forward with a certainty to a great hello again one day.

M got to be there and hold her hand...

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