Saturday, June 01, 2013

If you have a teenage girl.

I read a couple of posts this week that I thought were worth passing on; if you've got a teenage girl, be sure to check these out.  They are probably worth the read if your girls are younger or if you have boys, too, just filter accordingly!

Emily at Chatting at the Sky wrote One Thing Your Daughter Doesn't Need You to Say addressing the pressure our kids feel to be a good example - pressure from themselves or from us.  It hit home because I know there have been times I have expected M to be an example to her friends that don't know Jesus.  She offers a great alternative; the freedom to just be themselves.

As a follow up to that, she wrote 12 Things Your Daughter Needs You to Say.  Lots of good stuff in there, too. 

Go read, be encouraged in your role as a parent, and inspired to raise up your children to Godly lives.

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