Saturday, June 15, 2013

DIY vs Pay for the Professionals!

Sometimes you can do-it-yourself, if you have some training or experience and you're a handy guy.

Like building a shed:

Or renovating a kitchen:

Different angle, but you can see the changes.

Or basement:

Sometimes you can do-it-yourself, if you have the understanding of how it all works.

Sometimes you need someone else to do it.

Like when the sewer breaks and the tree needs to come down:

Sometimes you need to pay someone else, even if you think that it should be your job.

Like fixing unhealthy ways of thinking.  Sometimes it takes a stranger with the right questions to get at the root of your issues and help you work your way back to healthy thinking.  Maybe that's all I'll say about that: pay for the counseling.

Like fixing bad habits when there are multiple ways to address the issue and you're not on the same page and you just want someone else to tell you what's best for all involved.  (Thank you Baby Sleep Site for getting us to the point where N is now {mostly} sleeping through the night!)

Don't be afraid, parents, to ask for help, to pay for help, if you feel like you're over your head.  Parenting is not something we've trained for or been educated in; even if you're great at most of it, there may still be things beyond you.  Get the help you need.  Don't let the thought that it's your job to fix it get in the way of getting the job done well, in the most healthy way.

It's okay to ask for help.

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