Thursday, June 20, 2013

When Close Ones Grieve

The little one and I are heading off on a road trip today.  Mom and Dad are on their way from Winnipeg to pick us up and then we head right back again.  Nolan would not last if we drove just the two of us by ourselves.  We looked into the bus and flying, but my parents came up with this crazy plan of driving to get us and take us back again - four trips in three days - so we're jumping on the crazy train.

The reason for the travel?  So we can go to the 'Celebration of Life' for my Uncle.  He's only the second of my aunts and uncles to pass away, and it feels like childhood ending in a way.  The family as we know it, still intact but for the grandparents, has begun another shift.  The saying goodbye to the generation just one up... the generation of our parents.

In these last weeks my sister-in-law in Portugal had to say good-bye to her mom, as well.  Grief is not uncommon, and we all must take a turn saying good-bye to loved ones; the universality of it unfortunately does not lessen its pain.

As one who has gone through a good-bye and knows the pain of grief, I also know that the words that help are hard to come by.  All I can offer are a few words from my own experience: this post on grief was written almost two years after, and maybe, Auntie Joan and my cousins, and Ana, they might give a picture of what's to come?

Praying for you...

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