Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Crying Baby Funny

It's funny because it happened almost 40 years ago.  You know the one - it's not the 'ha ha funny' kind of story, but the 'you'll laugh about this later' kind of story?

My mom was letting my brother cry it out in his crib, and she let him cry and cry and cry... Finally she went to check just to make sure he was okay, and found he had climbed up out of his crib onto the top of a small dresser where he had got stranded on his hands and knees - unable to sit, lie down, stand, or get back in his crib.

He was fine, and while she probably felt terrible at the time, we all* agree that it's funny now!

*By all, I am excluding my brother, because I didn't check with him, and he may very well make up a story of how he is scarred for life because of it.

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