Thursday, October 30, 2014

God's Wisdom

I just finished reading the book of Job.  Job and his three friends have finished their speeches, and then Elihu speaks up - a 'young punk' who waited until his elders had had their say (very polite of him); but his speech goes on and on for pages, saying basically, "I'm right - listen to me!"

I found myself scoffing a bit... what a fool.  But then I remembered that we are are on the outside of the story.  We know what has happened behind the scenes and we know what comes next.  We know his is wrong.  Being quick to judge him means that I am just like him...

And that got me thinking - Am I quick to judge and quick to speak?  When others have a disagreement, do I itch to step in and correct?  Yes, sometimes.

What's better? I need to pray for understanding for those involved, and recognize that it may not be my issue to interfere in.  Pray for respect and good clear communication between them - not necessarily from me.

I need to let God's wisdom rule, not mine.  Like we learn in Job, His wisdom in infinitely bigger.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Miss M

A few friends and I have a scrapbooking retreat that we like to get away to, and it's coming up this weekend.  Yay!

While I was getting a few things ready, I found these photos and the papers to go with them all ready to put together.  I would have prepped them at our April retreat, and haven't scrapbooked since then!  So I pulled out the cutter, tape, a few embellishments, and here they are!  Felt good.  Maybe I won't wait six months after this retreat to pull stuff out again.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Importance of an Encouraging Word

**NOTE** I first published this last weekend while in Winnipeg for Thanksgiving, using the new iPad mini we got when we switched banks, and somehow it published to an old church blog I wrote while working at Westhill, instead of this one.  I just noticed now when I published the Anniversary post and saw that it come up all wrong.  Oops!  Sorry for the blog silence!!  

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An intentional pause, thought, and putting pen to paper... You can never tell the results that will come of making an effort to send that note, but I'm pretty sure that the effort is never a waste.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she was talking about her daughter's upcoming birthday and how she thought she might ask a few friends to write her notes of encouragement or blessing. Count me in - I love writing, letters, encouraging others - and I wondered, as I sat with my Bible picking verses for this friend, why don't I do this more often?

My kid had a rough time this week, and in the mail one day came a card full of love and encouragement - a real help and support.

So my goal is to try to notice who might need encouragement, and to carve out time to make that happen. 

Is there anyone you can think of that could use a bit of lifting up? Don't let the opportunity pass!

Happy Anniversary Alice&Victor!

I started my shop - Alice&Victor - on Etsy one year ago, and wanted to celebrate with a sale.  For you, my loyal blog readers, I am giving 20% off everything, for one whole week!  Use the coupon code BLOGREADER anytime between now and next Friday night at midnight.  It's a way to celebrate my one year of running my shop, but also a way to say thank you to you who have been with me here on my blog, even in the slower writing months of having a toddler who doesn't nap.

I appreciate you!!