Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cousins, A Wedding, A Move, and Elk

We've packed a lot into these last few weeks of summer.  Nolan and I went to a little 'beach' just outside of town with some friends - a perfect little spot for the little ones.

Remember that time I took Nolan on a bus adventure downtown?  We did that again, but with the whole family.  This is us on the bus... goofy.

There was a wedding in the family last weekend, so we had a full week of visiting with out of town relatives and playing with cousins.  This was the little family shower, getting pedicures.  I'm on the right, and going clockwise, there is Theresa, the bride, Ana, in from Portugal, Colleen, mother of the bride, Laura, cousin from Portugal, Carla, and Madeline. 

Here is a rare shot of all the cousins together.

And on the big day!  Madeline with her Auntie Carla, Uncle Warren and new Aunt Theresa, and Uncle Ian.  The wedding was out at Lumsden Beach, and during the reception Nolan and I got in a good hike in and around the cottages.  I shouldn't have worn heels.

To add to the family fun, the Friesen's came to stay for a night (the wedding eve) on their way back home from holidays.  Always glad to have them here.

I'm working on a big sewing project for a friend - this is often what it looks like when I sit at the machine.

And the biggest thing for us this past week - well, all month, but this week has been 12 hour days every day for Sean - is the big shop move.  As of this morning, the old location is empty and clean and locked and left for the last time.  The new shop is still a big work in progress since the contractors who were supposed to be all done three weeks ago are still not finished.  It's hard to put things in their places when their places aren't finished!  But they will be open for business again on Tuesday, done or not, and hopefully the settling in process isn't too bad.

This afternoon the kids and I took a quick trip out to a local park where they were thrilled to feed the Elk.  We went for the big slide, but this was a treat we weren't expecting.  I like looking at the animals out there, but this time there was a lady with bags of bread, feeding them, and she gave us a bag so we could join in the fun. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekend Meal Idea

Looking for something different to do this weekend?  Why not have an "Appie Meal?"  We do this every now and then and I thought I'd share because it's a fun break from normal healthy food...

An Appie Meal is when you have appetizers for your meal.  Simple.  We did this last weekend and had chicken nuggets, pot stickers, eggrolls, perogies, dry ribs, and fries.  Other times we've had mozza sticks, potato skins, an oriental party pack, and wings.  Oh, and an essential side is a big platter of cut up fresh veggies. You know, to try to add something healthy.  You'll also need fixings - sour cream, plum sauce, ketchup & veggie dip.

The concept is simple, but the kitchen is pretty non stop for half an hour...  Before you start, check all the cooking times and temperatures - you'll have to do some figuring to coordinate the '20 min at 375' with the '28 min at 450.'  This is what my list looked like this time:

450 - Dry Ribs - 10 min
turn down to 400 & add fries & egg rolls - 5 min
add nuggets & start stove top stuff - 5 min
flip egg rolls
10 more min then done

This is Nolan's plate - he tried everything!  You can see the one bite out of each of his things.  And no sauce for this kid. (Except on ribs. He devours ribs.)

If you try it, let me know what your favorite appies are!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thankful x 1000

It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you get up two hours before your kids!  Today is fall program registration, so I got up so I could be on the phone at 7am to get Nolan into his Sea Turtle swimming lessons.  Only 18 minutes on hold and I got our first choice.  Nice.  And yes it's nice that Nolan sleeps till 9; but the trade off is no more naps... So maybe I should get up earlier more often.  Maybe.

So today as I was reading my Bible (without interruption!) and writing in my journals, I reached 1000 things in my 'thankful journal' - only 4 years after I started, way back on a road trip to South Dakota.  I was reading a book that I don't even remember, but it was about happiness I think, and suggested writing down what you were grateful for.  I had a new notebook (I have a weakness for new notebooks), and I liked the idea, so I jotted down a handful of things every now and then as I thought about it.  Then I read Ann Voskamp's blog and book about being thankful, and now I'm working through 40 Days to a Joy Filled Life... so many different ways to convey the same message - being thankful is good for you in every way!

What are you thankful for today?  Do you write them down?