Monday, June 03, 2013

What's YOUR issue?

Last week I got a 'begging letter' from the Bible League, wanting funds to place Bibles in schools in the newly formed country of South Sudan.  It's so great that they have been asked to place Bibles for the children to use to learn to read; what a fantastic foundation for the new country, to educate their young from Scriptures.  I have such a love for Scripture and a desire for people to have access to it.

These last few days we've been gathering up stuff to contribute to my in-law's garage sale; they are raising money for a missions trip; a team that my mother in law is on is going to Cambodia to work with those abused by trafficking.  She has a passion for young women at risk and taken advantage of, and is stepping far from her comfort zone to do something about it.

I also heard recently (on a Christian radio station while we were in Winnipeg; wish we had one of those here!) about an African village who just got a well, saving women and children hours of walking to get water, freeing up those hours for a chance for education, opening up the possibilities for their futures.  Water is such a basic need and there are many groups passionate about helping provide that for those without.

I am following along with We Are Blessed, a blog by some friends I met through the Youth For Christ California Spring Break trips.  They have three natural children, one adopted, and are in the process of adopting three siblings from Ethiopia.  Seven kids!  They are passionate about this, and are doing things to change lives.  Amazing.

What is your cause?  What is your issue?  What makes you frustrated, irate, uncomfortable with your comfortable life?

I read a book a couple years ago called Zealous Love
Zealous Love is a response to some of the world’s urgent needs in light of Christ’s great love. Through first-hand accounts and up-to-date facts about eight global issues, Zealous Love uniquely provides readers with the information, inspiration, and involvement they crave to personally make a difference in their world.
I jotted the eight issues down in my journal, took the time to think through which ones make my heart beat faster, and took with me one reassuring thought:  God has wired us all differently.  Each of these issues are important because each one is counter to how God created the world to be, and through love, each would change.  To look at the list is to get overwhelmed, though, if we try to figure out how we can make a difference in so many huge areas spread across the world.  The good news is that we don't have to.  Doing anything is great; trust that as others do their anything, God will make changes in real lives.

I sew stuff that sells.  As income trickles in from that, I choose where to send my tithe, what need to contribute to.  It's a small something, and maybe where it helps most is to get me thinking again of where life is unfair, and praying for change.

Here are the justice issues raised in that book:
Unclean Water
Creation Degradation

I'm pretty sure that was the list in order of how I viewed their importance to me; you would probably switch some around.  I would add to that list these causes that God calls people to be passionate about:
Spreading Scripture
Adopting Orphans or Fostering

What are you passionate about?  May you find time this week to contemplate that and what small thing you can do to make a difference.  "The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed." Psalm 103:6.  May you be blessed as you make yourself available for him to use to work righteousness and justice for the oppressed.


Anonymous said...

I will have to check out that book. i have been praying and asking God to clarify my "issue". So good to maybe get a nudge in some direction. x karin (used to go to your church for a few years. played the violin sometimes with worshop team. discovered your blog through the westhill website and enjoy reading it. so encouraging! Thank you!)

Carolyn Ward said...

Thanks, Karin - yes, I do remember you! I wish you the best in understanding where God would have you commit your time and energy. I don't know that I actually have adopted any of these as 'my issue' - I am more likely to support Canadian Baptist Ministries or Compassion who do a holistic ministry where they work... where I know people will get clean water AND fed AND educated, AND a chance to learn about Jesus. That's another post, I guess!