Monday, June 17, 2013

How being a teenager in the 80's is helping me as a parent

Who remembers the tight rolled jeans fad?  The precursor to the skinny jeans, but cooler because you did it yourself; you couldn't just buy them off the rack.  I remember seeing kids with rolled jeans in junior high, wanting to look cool like that, trying it and not being sure why it didn't quite look right... and then feeling like I had arrived at a degree more cool when I figured out the trick of pulling the pants out and folding over the extra material before I rolled them up.

Yep.  I'm cool like that.  (A little behind the trends if I ever do get on board...)

Now I'm a mom, and junior high is a number of years in the past.  But I've been doing something with my little one that has brought back those memories - you see, for a long time now, it's been easier to diaper Nolan on his feet - wherever I can get him to stand still, that's where he gets cleaned and changed.

And that t-shirt hanging down?  It gets the old tuck and roll to stay out of the way.

Thank you, 80's, for that cool trick to make life a little easier.

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