Thursday, July 18, 2013

For Your Browsing Pleasure...

The kids and I had a fun morning out yesterday with our good friend Holly (or Honey, as Nolan says it!) - Monday and Tuesday I was out for playdates with friends with little ones and M stayed home, so it was nice to have her as part of our out-playing time.

The library downtown had two pianos inside in their art gallery, one like this one outside, and one that was tiny and Nolan sized... the echo and reverb and lighting in the gallery made it a great place to hang out and play and be noisy.  :)  This one outside was better for photos, though.

We are having a nice summer week, nothing too newsworthy or crafty or inspirational going on, so here instead are a few links for your browsing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Did you know there are softie-makers out there who custom make toys based on children's drawings?  They are awesome!

A whole bunch of ways to clean with vinegar.  Cheap and non-toxic...

Some good parenting advice and refreshing reminders from a long time pediatrician.

Good (and funny) marriage advice from a guy who's been divorced twice.  Worth a read.

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