Monday, September 07, 2009

Highlight of the day

Today had its moments. I went for a run this morning - the first half had more running than walking, and the second half, more walking than running. It was nice to be out - it was still a little wet from the rain last night and cool, but perfect running weather, I think. If I ever do it again, I'll have something to compare it to.

We went to a car show and looked at cars. I like the minty old ones.

We shopped and bought me two sweaters, some pants and a skirt... fall work clothes. Although I bet the skirt never gets worn outside Sundays. Smart Set just did renos and now have the coolest changerooms. They have spots in the wall for - and shaped like! - your coffee, purse, mp3 and sunglasses. Pretty sweet.

The highlight was going for a bike ride all together after supper down a bike path we've never ridden before, along a creek, with the sky ablaze in sunset colors. Very richly satisfying.

What was the highlight of your day?


deb said...

wasn't the sky amazing tonight!! My highlight was celebrating my sisters birthday at the farm followed by marveling over moon on the ride home.
Have a great week! xo

Jessica said...

The highlight of my day today was going to work for the first time in 2 months! At least the morning was a highlight. For labor day, I made supper and took it to Mom and Dad's house because Dave was over there watching football. I also picked 32 cucumbers in my garden, baked 4 dozen muffins, and made 2 batches of rice crispie cake. Not too bad eh.