Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sean's birthday was on Sunday; he's caught up and is now 36 like me.  He's been wanting a new set of golf clubs for a while, so we were shopping for that on Saturday before our fancy birthday dinner out (while M was at a birthday party sleepover - that's a whole 'nother post!).  We didn't find the ones he wanted for the price he wanted, and he decided that he'd wait on that, since there was some car stuff that he was considering for around the same price.

I think it was that same day that I said (while flipping through some home style magazine (that I got out of the library!)), "We should get two nice leather couches for there and there, and a big area rug and coffee table for in here."  This is not a completely random thing; we have been talking about what we want to do in the house for a while (new kitchen was topping the list, and therefore nothing was getting done), but at the same time, this was not said as a definate plan.  I was just, you know, tossing it out there.

But Sunday, we went shopping.  We looked around at a few places, saw some nice stuff and some not bad prices, and decided to leave it for a while.  Monday morning, I got a text saying he was going to pick up those two couches on his lunch hour.  And the coffee table is ordered and will arrive next week.  The car will get minimal funding this year, I will not get golf clubs for Christmas, and the house will get some work!

Monday evening was spent moving two new couches in, the couch, love seat and chair from downstairs out to the Salvation Army, and oops, not moving the couch and love seat from the living room downstairs because they didn't fit.  Oh, well, guess we'll have to get a new couch for down there, too.  A cheap one.  (Sean is allergic to the cat hair that is still on both sets of furniture, so we've wanted to do this for a while anyway.)

Right now the living room has 3 couches and a love seat in it, and a piano in the corner on the wall that borders the kitchen.  Yes it is a little too big for that spot, but not too too big.  It should work.  And it may or may not be broken from us moving it 5 feet.  Correction - something broke, but whether it was a crucial-to-the-music part has yet to be seen.

Then tonight.  Tonight we went shopping again.  For a TV to go on the wall.  Yes, it's big and flat and will sound fantastic.  If you want to know more, talk to him.

And over the next couple of months we will pick out the right area rug and curtains and chairs for east wall under the TV and new lights for over the table and new accessories for it all.  Should be fun.  I'll share pics as it all comes together.

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Jessica said...

The house changes sound exciting. I can't wait to see it. Someday...