Friday, June 25, 2010

Here is the team!  A side finalists...  I guess last I wrote we weren't even sure the rain would allow us to play the last games - boy, did we ever.  We got to play our last season game and won that, and then won the first playoff game on Friday night, taking us to the A side.  That meant a 9:30 game Saturday, which we also won, taking us to the championship final.  We scored first, then they matched it, and we finished the regular time with a tie.  Then we went into two five minute halves, and no more scoring.  Then into the shootout.  We each had five players picked to shoot, and still tied - all misses.  Then we started going through the rest of the players, and they scored, and we failed to match it.  So sad, but what an exciting weekend.  Those kids were TIRED!  They played so hard and did so well. 

Here's our star.

  Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk around the park in the sun, then got soaked not two hours later just running from the door to my car.  This is the hail that fell after I got home.  It cleared up for a while, then another thunderstorm at night.  This spring's weather has been pretty crazy - I don't remember a spring this wet in a long time. 

This one is of a sight I saw all year long (except some mornings it had snow in the picture, too).  Madeline, at 8:30 am, off to the bus, giving me a wave and blowing me a kiss from across the street.  This was the last time for grade 5 - she's officially passed into grade six.  In happy band news, she was assigned the flute to play, not the tuba.  We thought that might be the case for a while, but I think the fact that we own a flute swung it in favor of the lighter instrument.  Jess, you can expect a call letting you know we'll need that back... 

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