Monday, July 05, 2010

Experiments in Pasta

We Sean made brunch on Saturday, but because I didn`t portion the bacon before I put it in the freezer, we had to cook up a whole package.  The plan for the rest of the bacon was to make & bbq burgers yesterday, and we did, and even had friends over to eat... and forgot to put out the bacon. (insert rolling eyes here).

Plan B for bacon leftovers - look online for recipe ideas.  I found one that ended up turning out pretty good, and suited us, so I thought I`d share it.  Sean`s not a big red sauce guy, so this one will be a keeper.

Pasta -  called for penne, but I had bowties and used that instead (yay for cleaning out the pantry!)
Bacon - called for one pound, but I just used up all I had.
Onion - I used half of one, and fried it up soft in becel.
Parmesan Cheese - I don`t remember what it called for, but I probably used about a ¼ cup - all I had left.
Oil - called for olive, I was out & used canola instead.

Once the onion was soft, I added the chopped bacon, then the drained pasta.  I added a little oil and tossed, then the parmesan.  Nice and tasty - with a side salad it was a perfect little meal with no shopping required!

We`re leaving on holidays tomorrow; I don`t know yet if that will mean more posting or less... Black Hills here we come!

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Anonymous said...

Josh and I frequently eat a very similar sauce and have found adding some sun dried tomatoes to be a great addition for a little extra flavour!! ~ Heather Vanderstelt