Friday, July 23, 2010

A week in the life...

Monday - Went to my first Running Room Clinic.  Apparently that makes me a runner, now.  Thanks, Jess, Silas, Levi & Solomon for the inspiration.

Tuesday - Took Madeline for a run.  Let's just say that running will be my thing, not our thing.

Wednesday - Got a call from my doctor's office that my blood test results are back and the doctor wants to see me. (He said if they were fine, he wouldn't call.)  Last time I went to give blood, they said my iron was low enough to warrant a doctor's visit... 

Thursday - Napped in the middle of the afternoon.  Was it just laziness or the tiredness of anemia brought on by the doctor's office call?

Friday - Went for an hour long walk this morning; felt good on the muscles, bur I sure feel more like sleeping than working now.  Hoping when I get to the doctors in an hour he's got a miracle drug for me. (Eat more liver, maybe?)

Along with all of that, I had a couple of good work meetings, a dessert date with Sean, birthday party shopping & planning with M, and tonight we're taking her out for a birthday supper.  Tomorrow is her party - just a bunch of girls, pizza and a movie.  Pretty simple, but they're at the age where just hanging out is enough.

Oh, I should tell you a funny birthday party story.  Last week M went to a party for a friend; they spent some time playing in the park across the street, and the birthday girl (11 years old!) thought it would be funny to swing in the baby swing...  She got stuck.  So stuck that they had to call 911 - they sent a fire truck and ambulance, and they had to cut down the swing, then saw it off of her.  How's that for a memorable party??

Update:  The doc said my iron level is good, but my reserves are depleted, so he has me on iron twice a day for 3 months - he said I should have more energy than I know what to do with.  Yay - can't wait for that!

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