Thursday, July 08, 2010

Day Three

As we were driving down here, I told M and Sean to humor me when it comes to taking their pictures at places.  Tonight, we were getting back in the car after one stop and I was being silly and M was laughing, and she says, `Thanks for humoring me, Mom!`

This morning started with a stop at the ranger station / visitor center to make sure we had all the tourist info and weren`t missing out on anything, then made our way to a cave tour just outside of Keystone. We sat on a balcony in town for a bite of lunch (with yummy berry lemonade), then walked the main street; the highlight was stopping in at a little shop that made and sold salt water taffy.  Seeing it get transformed from a long sweet rope into what we know and love was very cool.  Plus, the air was heavenly in there!

Next we headed a short way down the road and did a gold mine tour.  Both tours were good - must do`s for being in the area, I think.

Man, it`s a good thing I`m writing this down each day - I`m already having a hard time remembering all we did!  Oh, yeah - once we got back to Rapid City, we parked and walked some streets downtown, taking our time getting to our ultimate destination - the scrapbooking store.  Yes, as soon as we made our plans to come down here, of course I googled `scrapbook stores rapid city sd`.  We found it, I shopped... I`d better start scrapbooking again.

From there we hit the mall.  We didn`t last long, but came away with a pair of capris for me, and a skirt and some dress shoes for M.  We thought we`d grab a coffee and get off our feet a bit when we realized it was already 5:15, so we went for supper instead.  The Olive Garden was a little less busy than last night when we left at the sight of so many people waiting outside the doors, but still a popular place.  (Our plan here, of course, is to not eat at any places we have at home.)

Having revived our energy, we made our way to Scheels.  Oh, my.  Scheels is a sports store with everything.  They have frisbee golf discs (did you know there are different discs for driving, mid range drives, and putting?  I thought that was only on Wii Resort!) and roller derby roller skates.  Plus ammo out on the shelves and virtual ranges for trying out different sports.  Sean ended up with a shirt while I made out like a bandit with a swanky North Face jacket and some dress sandals.

One more full day here.  We`re looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

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