Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home again...

I've got all our trip pictures on the computer & uploaded an album for you to check out if you wish.

We did of course play the license plate game, and found 46 of them.  Hawaii was missing, naturally, as well as Delaware, New Hampshire and Vermont.  We saw all the rest (even Alaska) and one or two from Mexico, too.  Canada was represented by all the provinces except the maritimes and the territories.

Now that we're back I feel like I need to get out running or biking or something; 5 days of sitting & driving & eating in restaurants needs to be reversed!  One thing I will miss is the Christian radio station - we had it on lots and it was so nice.  I think they have three of them.

Bottom line, if you're wanting to take a family vacation, I would recommend heading down to SD.  Lots to do & see.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Oh, and one last story from the drive down:  We passed a sign for Somebody or Other's Elk Ranch, and I started watching for elk, but Sean said, "I haven't seen the elk fence yet."  M sat up and almost gave herself whiplash looking out the window - "ELEPHANTS?"

Anyone else planning to watch the World Cup Final tomorrow??  Who are you hoping for?  I'll be rooting for Spain, I think - I have a chance for one more point in our pool if Netherlands comes in 2nd...

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