Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's not all golf.

I haven't posted in a week (except for that one a few minutes ago...)

Either a) my life is so boring there's nothing to share or b) so exciting I haven't had time to write.  Or neither...  Leave a comment with an option c.  I dare you.

In the last week, we have:
  • played soccer once (5-5 tie that would have been a 5-4 win if the ref knew that it should have been an indirect kick, not a direct kick), and got rained out once.
  • watched 2 movies - Sean and I saw Date Night and Carla and I saw Letters to Juliet.  I'd recommend both.
  • bought flowers for the yard - fun marigolds and wave petunias.  I'm hoping to grow them at least half as well as the ones Jess had at the Stewart St house.
  • Sean golfed 4 times (on the Sundays with me, on Thursday with the church guys, and on Saturday with a friend).  He also worked on the car, because he needs to get it together in time for Yorkton next Saturday.
  • cleaned out my studio.  partly.  enough to feel good about it.
  • M went to 3 birthday parties - one Saturday afternoon and two Saturday sleepovers.
  • attended Comedy Night.  The youth from our church who are going on the summer ministry trip put this on as a fundraiser and it is F U N N Y.  We even have our own Napoleon Dynamite.
  • drooled over the iPad.  How fun.  Who else wants one?


Anonymous said...

I also want an ipad, its looks like fun! How great would it be for traveling?!! Now I'm curious, do you have one that you were drooling over or were you checking it out on the internet and drooling over it in cyber space?


Carolyn said...

Neither - We stopped by Best Buy and Future Shop and played around on them for a bit.

I'm not planning to get one any time soon, but weighing the pros and cons - I've been thinking about getting a little laptop for a while, so it's not really a new idea for me. I'd probably go this route over a laptop now.