Friday, November 11, 2005

going low tech

So I am trying to simplify life, go lower tech, use my computer less, and here I am, starting a blog. Slightly ironic. It might have something to do with procrastination, although I am intentionally choosing to do something for myself tonight and finish working on the talk tomorrow, since I did work on it most of today. I think I need to actually decide that and live with it, instead of deciding as a way to try and justify not working on it, which ends up with me feeling like I wasted my night and feeling guilty.

So here's a question - where's the balance between public and private, blog wise? I guess you just need to decide who you're writing for; is that it? Because I journal, often, and that is between me and God - from me to God, mostly. It's a way to get my thoughts sorted, by getting them out onto paper - puts things in perspective for me. Why do I need a blog then? I guess this is for you, the reader who is out there anomyously. To get my thoughts and questions out into the realm where they might cause others to think.

Some themes in my life recently...

emergent. I'm reading more and the more I read on it, the more it makes sense of how I've been thinking and doing things. Things make more sense - isn't that weird how others can explain what's in your head even though you didn't know it was really a question? I'm enjoying being stretched that way.

mentoring. What to do when you are asked to be a mentor... an ongoing theme that sits on the back burner and gets brought to the front every once in a while.

relationships. How to love people and commit to them when you don't like to pick up the phone.

There's more, but that might be enough for now. A different focus than a journal for sure. I think I like.

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