Wednesday, April 18, 2007

connecting with the earth

I'm in the middle of Rob Bell's book Sex God, which is about "exploring the endless connections between sexuality and spirituality." It's a good read. In one chapter he talks about how we are meant to be connected with God, connected with each other, connected with the earth, but how our reality too often is disconnection with all those things, and even a disconnection with ourselves.

Last week I decided, partly because it needed doing, and partly because what I read was mulling around in my brain, to spend the first part of the day when I got home from walking the kid to school, in the yard. I never did get all the leaves off the ground last fall. So I've been doing two bags a day, sometimes more, but not trying to be a superhero and get it all done at once. The following is what I wrote in my journal this morning:

I started the day once again outside raking leaves. Half an hour in the yard reconnecting with the earth has been really good for me. It's taking time for something that usually never gets high enough on the priority list to get done. I'm recognizing and responding to my need to be in nature - in your creation. You commanded us in Genesis to look after the land. I have my name on a title deed saying I am owner (as much as we can own land) of a small parcel of it - and I spend more time tending my man-made house and going out then I do caring for this small patch of nature you entrusted to me. And it doesn't take time away from my other stuff, in fact it fuels me to do it better. I get exercise and fresh air and a sense of peace that the world is not resting on my shoulders. Then I can tackle my tasks with the proper attitude: to do my best and not stress about it!

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