Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Job Description

I've been working on my job description - it's been in progress for a couple of years now, since before I got hired.

Coming up with the official version is sort of making me sad - there is no room for all the things that I'm passionate about. It's a very dry academic document which will I'm sure be very helpful as they try to replace me someday, but it won't tell the new person anything about the heart of what I do and why. I understand that they will thave their own passions and ways to do things, but for me, for now, it is important to lay out why I do what I do. So here it is:

The Heart Description for this Pastor to Young Adults

To seek God's leading for the needs of this group. To PRAY for direction.
To make happen whatever needs to happen for those needs to be met.
To teach truth and provide opportunities for deeper education - to encourage people to move from milk to meat.
To instill a love of God's Word and the study of it.
To provide opportunities to pray, and opportunities to worship, using challenging and stretching experiences.
To provide retreats and missional experiences.
To equip people to be the ministers they were created to be, in every realm of their lives.
To develop a sense of community and belonging.
To build relationships, provide pastoral care and spiritual guidance; to know people and to pray for them.

The vision statement I embrace is this:
Westhill Young Adults:
A people who want to be continually in love with God,
a people immersed in prayer,
and a people with a passion to pass on their faith.

Lord, may it come to pass. Holy Spirit, breathe and move us.

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