Thursday, November 15, 2007


The second book I finished last week was more of an accomplishment. A History of the Baptists by Robert Torbet is a fat academic piece. A text for an upcoming class, I'm not sure I would ever pick it up if it wasn't required. That said, I learned a few things.

Did you know?
That the origin of the Baptists was in reform? They protested:
- that the traditional way of doing things was NOT equal in importance to Scripture.
- that the church leader was NOT superior to the believers not in leadership.
- that God's grace CAN'T be bought, and that it's NOT through the priest.
- that good works CAN'T save you.

A few key things there. I'm happy to be a part of a group:
- that sees Scripture as truth and as the bottom line.
- that sees all believers as ministers and important parts of the body of Christ.
- that can accept God's grace freely.
- that does works because we are thankful for our salvation.

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