Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Wednesday

The bus:
Did not show up. I usually see M out the door then go sit by the front window until I've seen the bus go by. I lost a couple minutes getting to my window seat this morning, and after sitting for 10 minutes, guessed that the bus was a few minutes early like yesterday and I just missed seeing it. So off I went and started cleaning the bathroom... Almost done, just scrubbing the toilet, and "DING DONG" (x10) - there's M at the front door. It's after 9. School has already started. "The bus never came! Can you drive us?" So I run and get the van and pull around the front - no kids. What is going on? Then a bus comes down the street, turns beside me, pauses and I get a wave and thumbs up from the driver, and off they go to school.

M tells me later that the bus broke down, and they had to come with another bus; that's why it was so late. I don't even want to know what else is going to happen with the bus this year. So bizarre.

The not-routine in our week:
Conflict Manager Training (for grade 5's to help on the little kid's side during recess), Tuesday and Wednesday, 3:30 - 5.
Piano Lesson, relocated to Wednesday 12-12:30, because of Conflict Manager Training.
Girl Guides Cookie Sales, 6-8 Wednesday (instead of 6:30-8).
(Catch that? I picked her up at 5 at the school and had her up to Guides by 6. I confess, we had canned stew for supper.)
Field Trip to the Floral Conservatory, Thursday afternoon. I get to go along and chaperone!
Class (for me), Friday night and Saturday.
Food Bank Drive with Girl Guides, Saturday 10-12.
I'm so glad we had a relaxing weekend before this!

The traumatic:
Tonight as M was walking down the street to knock on another door to sell cookies, a man walked towards her, "limping a bit." She said to herself, "Oh, poor man," and then he fell over into the bushes. She turned around and went to the car, the mom with them got the 3 girls into the car and then went to one of the neighbors, who said that he recognized the man, and that the police were over at his place lots and that he was probably drunk. M said the neighbor was over with the man and then they drove away, so she didn't see if he was okay or not. She was pretty freaked out; thought he might have had a heart attack. So we had a little debriefing to do before she went to bed tonight.

The living room update:
Carla and Larry came and got the old sewing machine tonight; he was teasing her about why they'd want that old thing and pretending not to get the whole emotional attachment thing... It's a beautiful Singer that was her grandmas and she learned to sew on it when she was little.
Sean took apart our tall bookshelf and re-made it shorter to suit our tech needs and put it in the corner in the place of the table with pictures and plant that is now where the sewing machine was.
The old couch and loveseat are still in there but I listed them on Used Regina tonight...
Sean is picking up the coffee table tomorrow. I think it will have to go downstairs to wait until the couches go, otherwise we'd only have two square feet of floor space!
So it's all coming together...

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