Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fame and a Hero

Our favorite branch of the Regina Public Library had for lease signs in its windows last fall.  It eventually closed, opened in a small temporary space, and today, opened the doors to it's brand new facility.  It opened at 1 pm, but I knew Nolan would be sleeping then and that M would want to go too, so we waited and went after we picked her up from basketball camp.

While we were there, a guy with a CTV camera was roaming around - I saw him look at us and made my way to the far side of the library... and around the stack he came and asked if he could take a shot of us browsing.  I do have a cute baby, so I said sure, and we were on the news tonight checking out the baby board books!  At least four people saw it - I think that makes us famous.  Glad I wore makeup today, for the second time in a month!

The hero of the day is Sean.  Yesterday he discovered a virus on our computer and spent all last night and again tonight fighting it - and he recovered all our pictures and documents that we thought were gone for good!!  I'm glad I'm as caught up as I am with my album - there would only have been a week or two with no photos.  Still, it's so great to have all those other ones back!

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