Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Last One Ever!!

We've hit quite a milestone today - Madeline has her last piano lesson ever after school today.  She's been playing for 6 1/2 years, because we started her in the middle of the year, and we decided that she could be done with the mandatory 'discipline training' lessons that are oh-so-good for you even though you can't see that in the moment...  I sure hope she's like so many others and is grateful for them in the future.  In the present, though, she is ecstatic to be done and I am pretty happy about it myself.  She is a very musical girl, but sitting to play is just not how that flows out of her.  Get her singing along, maybe, but then she's more likely to stop playing and just sing.

One more week of practicing, a recital next Tuesday night, and then she's finite-o.  Whew.  To celebrate, here's a look at the girl and the keyboard over the years.

First recital.

Halloween Recital.

New keyboard.

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