Sunday, March 15, 2015

Funny Things My Kids Say

The other day I got out Nolan's Bible to read to him at breakfast.  He pointed to a picture on the cover and said, "Read that one.  The one with all the animals and Jesus."
I said, "Noah."
"No, it's Jesus.  But I like Noah and Jesus."

And at lunch:  "Nolan, will you say grace?"
"Thank you Jesus for our food. Amen.  You pray, too."
I said the same thing he did, but he came back with, "No, you pray lots more things than that."

"Mom, is that lady walking a pig?"
"No, it's a dog, called a bulldog."
"Oh.  Well, it has a funny face."

Dad: "I'm eating you up!"
Nolan: "No!  I have ribs in there holding me together!"

Madeline was at the dentist the other day getting some fillings and was quite frozen on the one side, making her talk funny.  Of course, I was laughing at her, and even more when she told me to "Thuth!"

And at supper, Dad to M: "Hey, do you know what gets rid of the freezing really quick?"
M: face lights up, gets all excited.
Dad: "Nothing!"
M: face falls.
Dad: laughs and laughs and laughs...

And one from last night.  I went up to bed and found Nolan sleeping on the floor (his bed is a twin mattress on the floor).  He half woke while I picked him up. "Mom?"
"I'm just putting you back in bed, buddy."
"Because you were sleeping on the floor!"  All tucked in, I give him a kiss.  "I love you."
"I love you."
"Good night."
"You're welcome."

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MOM said...

Do you remember the time you had to get wisdom teeth pulled and we went to a specialist downtown and you had to sit in a small room afterward with other patients, all of you waiting to make sure that any bleeding had stopped. You came out giggling about how funny you all looked with bloody gauze sticking out of your mouths and trying not to make eye-contact. We decided to walk down the many flights of stairs instead of using the elevator and having to avoid even more eye-contact, but we got laughing so hard that we could hardly walk. Good thing we didn't end up falling down those stairs - you would have had more than the freezing to worry about.