Friday, April 17, 2015

The Latest

I got an exciting email yesterday - an official acceptance to have a booth in the Cathedral Village Arts Festival street fair on May 23!  I've thought about being in that one for a couple of years now, and this year took the plunge.  I bought a canopy and three 4 foot tables; one of these nice days I will set up in the backyard and make sure the canopy works fine and do a trial run set up; all my sales so far have been just a table, but in this one I have a 14x10 foot space.  That means I have to get sewing and build up my stock!!

Spring...  It's beautiful here now.  There is one snowpile out in the back alley that will take a while yet to disappear, but it's nice enough to go for walks to the park or get Nolan's bike out.  Sean is still working on sleds, but that is an ongoing thing.  With his buying, fixing, & selling we have five sleds in the garage right now.  The latest is this one...

M's knee is still on the mend, but she has the physio's approval to play sports this spring.  She loves soccer and her girls on that team, but decided to play rugby on the school team to try something new instead.  She's got the mouth guard, now we just need to get another knee brace...

In other M news, she is sporting some new ink on her arm.  She has wanted a tattoo for a long time, but of course our answer was no.  The long story of why we changed our minds and what it symbolizes for her is not fully my story to tell, so it will wait for another day.  It says Strong&Courageous Joshua 1:9  She went with her Aunt Carla and they bonded over getting tattoos together. :)

Strong&Courageous Joshua 1:9

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Nicole said...

M's tattoo is cool. Luke's exact word:) Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!! Luke is just figuring out exactly what he wants. He has his idea posted around the house to make sure he doesn't get bored of it.haha Jordan got a tattoo on his rib cage(apparently the most painful spot to have one done) last year. Riley knows exactly what he wants but doesn't have the money yet because he is going to University!! I told the boys they could get a tattoo when they turned 18 (because then they couldn't blame it on me if they eventually decided they didn't like it) and they had to pay for it themselves!! I have had no arguments about it. Like M's, so far I like their choices. Jordan is in Sk.right now at Depot. He has been there for 6 weeks!!If all goes well we will be out to visit at the end of Aug. for his grad.