Thursday, January 07, 2016

I Built a Lego Sewing Machine

Or... Our Latest Obsession

Late this fall, Nolan and I got out the bucket of Lego a number of times.  The real stuff, not the big chunky baby or the midsize toddler ones.  This bucket contained a basic set that Madeline had when she was a kid plus some odd pieces I brought home from the store at Downtown Disney once upon a time.

It felt kind of revolutionary.  I'm not so great at playing construction.  Or Planes Fire & Rescue.  I try.  I do.  But being able to play something together that I like too?  FUN.  So I thought that for Christmas or his birthday I'd get him (us) some more Lego.  For Christmas I ended up wrapping a cool set for Sean from Nolan of some Lego machines they could make together, and then I used my Christmas money to get an XXL Classic Box of 1500 pieces. (On Kijiji. Still sealed, and for a great deal!)  We picked it up on Monday and it's been out on our coffee table ever since.  And we are ALL having fun with it.

What we sent to Dad when we got home with it.

He's a LOT obsessed with cranes.

And he has to dismantle / modify everything I make.

He made me a trophy for being the best sewer*.

Our previous bucket in the middle there.

He thought it would be a good idea to dump out all the bags.

He might be my favourite.

Told you.  A sewing machine.
On the corner: the library's Lego Ideas Book.

*sewer = one who sews.  Not sewer like stink.  Just to clarify.

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