Friday, March 18, 2016

Sunday Shopping!

It feels like a long time since Sunday Shopping was a big issue.  There have actually been a few times that I've been glad that Safeway is open till 10 on Sunday! 

But that's not what today's post is about... I wanted to let you know that I will be participating in a sale this Sunday at the Hungarian Club from 11-4 - the March Madness Craft & Trade Show & Sale.  The admission is free, but you are encouraged to bring a food item that, along with our table fees, will go to helping local families in need this Easter.  So it's a worthwhile cause. 

(If you are in Regina, you should go to church at the Ap first at 11 and watch the 4 year olds sing in the service.  Mine will be the one not singing.)

I had a good visit with an old friend yesterday in her shop about which of my goods and special-for-them items she would like to carry this fall.  I am hoping to get into four different retail shops this year, and that is the second one so far.  Thankful to be able to work with her!  I'll give you more details once things are a little closer and finalized.

I am still very pleased to be an Etsy seller, but am realizing more that that is just one of many opportunities for my business.  Alice&Victor wouldn't be where it is without the Etsy platform.  It is a great foundation to be able to point people to; a visual warehouse where they can see all my items, by my shop is ME and all the things I can dream up for it. 

Thanks for being my supporters - I appreciate you all!

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