Monday, January 28, 2008

Going to Kenya!

A few months ago, I put in an application to go on a study tour sponsored by my school and national mission group. They were only taking two people from my school, so I tried not to think about it too much or get my hopes up, and honestly, if I wasn't selected, I would be fine with that. But it was such an amazing opportunity, I had to put my name in just in case.

I found out Friday that they accepted my application, and I'm going to Kenya! I am going to make a new blog to chronicle that, and once it's up, I'll add the link here in case you're interested in hearing all the details.

Crazy. God is pretty amazing. Not just because he gives me cool stuff, but that he offers things and trusts me with things and has a better way planned for me than I could ever design for myself.

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