Thursday, October 14, 2010

W is for Work Blog

I blog at work.  Sometimes.  Usually I have more pressing work to do and the creative time it takes to think up and write isn't in the schedule.

I do think it should be a priority, though, for me and the others on our staff, because we want our website to be more than simply the place people can go for the details.  It is evolving, slowly; it is current and if you are looking for specific details, you should be able to find them.  Hopefully you'll find some content that is more than you were looking for, too.

I dream, though, of the day when people will find content that makes them think.  Find something that will challenge them in the same way we try to do when we meet together.  To know through our site that people care and can be trusted.  Too much to ask of a website?  Well, I believe it should be an extension of ourselves.  What we want the church to be is what it should be too.

So W is for my Work Blog.  I recently switched it over from Blogger to WordPress, so there's not a lot of content archived yet.  That would be here at the old site.

Thanks for visiting.

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