Sunday, October 03, 2010

U is for Unicycling

Neil had a unicycle.
Silas had camp counselors this summer and last who rode unicycles.
Silas asked if he could buy our unicycle.
I said yes.
We all had some good laughs on this first time we had it out...

Had the African Children's Choir here on Friday.  So great - amazing to see how this organization lifts so many children out of poverty.  If they come to your area, go see them.

Started small group on Saturday - seven couples - looks like it will be really good.  Nice to be a part of this, and hoping for some good new relationships for Sean, for me, and for us.

Went geocaching today - added two more to our total...

Reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  About Alzheimers.  Really well written, and so sad.  I`d recommend it.


Heather said...

May i put a link for your Blog on my Blog? I'm finally getting around to updating some of the elements on my blog...

Carolyn Ward said...

Absolutely! Thanks for including me!