Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cat's Eye, Cabinet Costs & House Found

Just a catch up on life...

Book club tonight - I didn't notice that on the calendar until Monday.  Ordered the book at the library, picked it up Tuesday, and managed to get it done in 2 days - it's a long one, too.  Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye.  Now that I"m done that I can go back to Gone With the Wind.  How come I've never read this before?

I'm doing two craft sales this year.  Carla and Suzanne and I are sharing a table at a sale at Suzanne's work (School Board Office, Thursday, November 18, 4-8 pm).  I also got a table for one at WH Ford School (Saturday, December 4, 10-4).  Come on out if you're close by!  I'll take pictures of my wares and post them for you.

Sean's parents finally found a house!  The got possession yesterday, and we'll be helping them move on Saturday.  It's in Balgonie, so closer than they were, but still not in the city.  It's supposed to be pure 70's inside - can't wait to see it.

And a couple of photos to leave you with (thanks Auntie Joan for the costumes!) and a renos update (I actually wrote it first, but it got demoted to the end so you can skip it if you're not interested.

Madeline wore this to the Harvest Party at church.


And we wore them to a costume party at a friend's place.

Our kitchen is still in demolition mode. The main thing initally was that we were going to do the floors, a new countertop and ditch the wallpaper and paint. Minor renos. Sigh. The walls need to be redone because the wallpaper was covering lino which means the whole wall needs to come down. (And we can redo the vapor barrier and wiring, so that's good.) But we're now going up into the ceiling, too - scraping off the stipple and replacing the light fixtures. And cabinets. We moved out the one on the outside wall (and now have to go into the living room for our silverware and pots) to do the wall behind it, and now are pretty convinced that we should just do the cabinets too since everything else is getting done. But man they aren't cheap. Rona has a truckload sale on and we checked that out and they have everything we need except the right size sink base... and that means it won't work. Would have been half price, too. Enough about renos. I'll post more photos as it changes.

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