Thursday, November 18, 2010

Craft Sales

Tonight is our first craft sale of the year (and second ever craft sale!)  Suzanne has a table at the school board office where she works, and Carla and I are sharing it with her.  Suzanne has knitted stuff & dog toys, Carla has snowmen made from patio pavers (a buck a pound!) and I've got these:

Perfect Heat Wheat Bags - these are my newest fabrics.
I'm selling these for $12, and as always, custom orders and wholesale orders welcome.

Tea Light Snowmen - Saw one of these at Jess' place last year.
These will be $1 - I had a big box of candles already, and thought this would be a great way to use them up.  You need small inexpensive items get people to your table, anyway.  :)

Dancing Ribbon Rings.
And these I saw online - can't you just picture your little nieces dancing around with these?  The ribbons are 2' long; the rings with three pairs of ribbons will be $10 and the ones with five are $12.

Here are the posters for the sales if you want more info:

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