Sunday, April 17, 2011

good things come in threes

On Tuesday, Madeline had her Battle of the Books.  BotB is where teams from a bunch of schools have to read the same 10 books from January to April, then compete to see who knows them most thoroughly.  Her team did very well - 5th out of about 20.  To make this event even more fun, they had a bunch of door prizes for the kids.  M won one of them - a nice bag full of goodies.

They also had two door prizes for spectators, and I won one of them!  Hooray for great books - I got one that I just finished reading and really enjoyed, and I already have plans for it... just don't tell my book club - they might all fight over my offering knowing I'm bringing the Hunger Games to our year end book swap!

This weekend I went to Saskatoon for a writer's conference.  They had door prizes, and I won again.  They had lots, and I think just about everybody took something home.  But still, I came away with something that I will actually use in my house.

Along with my registration, I send in an entry to the writing contest; a short work of prose, 2 pages, that included 4 specific words.  They announced the winners after lunch; I came in second.  Yay!  I even made a bit of cash for that.

So there's my run of three - it's been a good week!

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MOM (aka Granny) said...

Congratulations! And next week will be my good week when the 3 of you come to visit for 3 days and my 3 kids and their families will be gathered around me!