Friday, February 03, 2012

Customer Service Fail

Or -

You'd Better Read the Fine Print

Or -

How Bennett Dunlop Ford Just Lost Customers

Two years ago, we bought my 2007 Ford Escape from Bennett.  It was newer and slightly more $ than we had thought we'd spend, but because we were the second owners, and the original owner had bought it there and then traded it in, it had a good warranty with them.  Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.  So this week, when the transmission failed, we were thankful we had that, and took it in for a new tranny.  Under warranty.

Sean called this morning to say they had declined the warranty.  Apparently me going for an oil change every time they sent a reminder wasn't good enough - they gave me dates to come in, but the FINE PRINT on the warranty says it needed to be done every certain # of kms.  So what was the point in their reminders if they did not keep the conditions of the warranty??

They have lost our business and our respect.  We are leaving it there for the work to be done only because I have a friend who works there and has given us a friends and family discount, making a tranny replacement slightly cheaper than where we were going to tow it away to.

So long, Bennett.  We thought you were great, but now we know better.

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