Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We are loved. Wow.

All the goodies from Sunday's shower!

Holly made pages for the guest book.
I have some wonderful friends.  They put a lot of effort into planning a great baby shower for us, and to celebrate Nolan.  We have a great church family, too, and there were maybe 60 girls & ladies out for the party.   After a few nice words to get things rolling, it was mostly just a visit-fest and chocolate-fest - the girls went all out making chocolate treats for the food table.

Here are a few shots from our week:

The soother!! A new thing, and not guaranteed to work yet...

He held his head up like this for so long!  Strong boy.

Daddy's new trick - squirting water into his mouth...

... and Nolan just drinks it.


Alexis said...

Love love love love love!!!

Suzanne S said...

Love the wrinkled forehead look...and the one with him and his big sister. He looks likes he very intent on looking at her. :)

Nicole said...

Gorgeous!!! You are BLESSED!!!By the way soothers will always work!!haha Ez is proof, Perseverance from parents!! Thanx for sharing we loving seeing the pics. It is amazing how quick he is growing!!!