Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Staycation

Sean went on a golf vacation last month, and while he was off enjoying the sun and hot temperatures in Nevada, M and I ended up having a bit of a stay-cation.  We didn't really plan it, but with all the one on one time (with Nolan...) instead of family time, it ended up being a very nice girls weekend.

We watched Wreck It Ralph.  Very cute.  M rated it an 8/10.  I might go as high as a 9.

We did pedicures.  We got out buckets to soak our feet, all the lotions and scrubbers... and she only wanted to paint her nails...  Ha.  But we both enjoyed it and ended up with pretty toes.

She went to a Regina Pats hockey game with a friend - it was the same night as youth group, so she missed that, but had fun doing something out of the ordinary.

We went shopping, and it was a success - I don't even remember if we got anything; a success in my books is keeping our expectations low and not swinging moodily if something catches our eyes and we can't get it...  Ah, teens.

On the food side of things, I made her favorite Cannelloni one night, and one night she cooked supper and it turned out great.  It was a recipe from my mom and has a note on it: "Don't make when Dad comes to visit!"  What is it with dads not liking Tuna Casserole???

We went to Sake, an all you can eat sushi place on Albert that M has wanted to take me to ever since she went with her Uncle.  Nolan had a bit of a melt down and was a little hard to corral, especially when he wanted to go meet the babies at another table, so it wasn't the best eating out experience, but she was happy to finally get there together.

And that was our little staycation - we all enjoyed our special few days, and were happy to be all back together again after.

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