Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Bake Sale

"Mom, it's our bake sale tomorrow.  I meant to tell you before but I forgot."

I made Strawberries & Cream Pudding Cookies (found on pinterest) that afternoon, got mini cupcakes & sugar cookies baked in the evening, then iced the cupcakes & sugar cookies in the morning, and got them all to school for 10:15 in the morning.

I think that's a gold star for this mom this week.


Nicole said...

Did you find white chocolate pudding mix? and is it the smaller size(4serving pudding mix)for the strawberry cream cookies? Did they taste good?

nicole said...

I found fat free white chocolate pudding is that what you used? It has aspartame in it so I wasn't sure. Didn't buy it will wait til you hurry haha!!! Guess I will just make regular cookies!!!

Carolyn Ward said...

Nicole - our store doesn't carry white chocolate pudding, so I just used vanilla. They did taste pretty good. I used the regular (not fat free) and the 4 serving size. I'm sure you could use pretty much whatever and it wouldn't make too much difference.